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6.5L GM Diesel Wastegate Solenoid Connector

6.5L GM Diesel Wastegate Solenoid Connector

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Wastegate Solenoid Connector Pigtail for all 6.5L Turbodiesels

A faulty connector may be the source of your wastegate solenoid problems, preventing your turbocharger from reaching peak boost by keeping the wastegate open. Electrical connectors should be replaced anytime the connector shows signs of deterioration, fits loosely on the device, the locking detent breaks, the wire insulation becomes compromised, or the connector shows other signs of wear/failure.


• Made in USA
• Assembled using OEM connector and terminals
• 12 in (30 mm) overall length
• Includes butt splices and heat shrink tubing for a secure, factory appearing splice
• 1 year warranty


All 6.5L turbodiesels


Manufacturer: REID TEKK
Part Number(s): RT-251101
Interchange/Alt Part Number(s): AP0034
Origin: USA
 Warranty: 1 yr/UL mileage
Shipping Weight: 4 oz