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7.3L IDI Fuel Bowl Heater O-ring Set

7.3L IDI Fuel Bowl Heater O-ring Set

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Fuel Heater O-rings for all 7.3L IDI Diesels

Replacement o-rings for the fuel filter housing (fuel bowl) heating element on all 7.3L diesels. Early style fuel bowl heaters require (2) o-rings to seal against the fuel filter housing, whereas new style heating elements only require (1) o-ring. This is a set of (3) o-rings that services either style.

Fuel leaks due to a bad heating element o-ring are extremely common on 7.3L IDI diesels. Note that the 6.9L IDI does not have a heating element in the fuel filter housing.


  • Viton o-rings offer superior resilience against thermal and chemical degradation
  • (3) o-ring set services both early and new style fuel bowl heating elements


1988 - 1994 Ford F-Series w/ 7.3L IDI diesel
Various International medium duty trucks powered by the 7.3L IDI diesel


Coat o-rings in clean engine oil or diesel fuel prior to installation. Removal of the fuel bowl heater is required to replace the o-ring(s). A new fuel filter element is recommended during reassembly.


Manufacturer: Dieselply
Part Number(s): DP-160101
Origin: Var
 Warranty: 1 yr UL mileage
Shipping Weight: 3 oz